3 Ways To Get The Right People To Buy-in

No sleazy sales tactics. No badgering and annoying follow-ups (once is enough… maybe twice). Just practical tools that help you focus on people and not on the sale.

Everyone is trying to sell something. Some people sell products, others sell services, and others sell ideas, noble causes, or belief systems.

If you’ve been doing any kind of “selling,” whether that’s a product, service, cause, idea, belief system, or what-have-you, then you know that it’s not easy to get the “buy-in.” It’s not easy to get people to say “yes.”

So below are 3 things you should do to be able to communicate more persuasively and encourage the right people to buy-in.

1. Focus on solving problems

You should focus on solving people’s problems, not on selling widgets. Don’t go on and on about how this product is so innovative, or how this service is top-notch, or how an offer is the best deal on the market. That’s a rookie mistake.

Instead, focus on understanding what their needs are and show them how your offer is the solution. Find out where it hurts and then show them you’ve got the meds.

Because the truth is, people don’t care about how innovative your product is, how excellent your services are, or how cheap your offer is. What they do care about is THEIR problems, THEIR concerns, THEIR agenda.

(The only exception to this is if you show them a puppy… In which case, they’ll forget about their problems, and concerns, and agenda. Hey! there’s an idea!)

If what you offer provides the solution to their problems and concerns, they won’t be needing much persuasion.

2. Actively exclude non-prospects

“Actively exclude non-prospects?? Did I read that right?”

Yes, you did. You shouldn’t be afraid to say, “We’re not the right fit for you.” Because there will be people you wont be a good fit for.

Don’t bother persuading these people. Instead, go to the ones who just need a little nudge, a little incentive, a little push and they’re sold.

Instead of using up a lot of your time and effort convincing one person who most likely will not buy-in, double up your efforts on 5 other people who are almost ready to accept your offer.

3. Maximize the no’s

Sadly, you won’t always get the buy-in no matter how well you learn and practice these principles.

But do not despair! When you do get the “no,” make the most of it! This is something you should see as an opportunity. How can you turn rejection into opportunity? Well, I’m glad you asked. Observe…

“I’ve gotten a few no’s on this offer and since you’ve already told me ‘no,’ can I ask for 5 minutes of your brainpower? I wanna get your feedback.”

Make it clear that you’re no longer trying to sell to them or trying to convince them of anything, then start asking for all sorts of feedback.

Was the offer not appealing? Was I too pushy? What would have made you say yes?… Then adjust accordingly next time.

Don’t waste this!

Here’s the gist…

You don’t need sleazy sales tactics to get the right people to buy-in. In fact, those tactics will undermine you in the long run as they hurt your relationships with people.

If you want to get the right people to buy in, you have to be people-centric and that means putting your effort on these 3 things:

  1. Focus on solving problems, not on presenting your offer.
  2. Actively exclude non-prospects (narrow down your market)
  3. Maximize the no’s and get as much feedback as you can

Do these effectively and you will see that you’re reaching out to the right people and they’re buying-in more often than not. Do these consistently and you will build habits that will help you communicate better.

That’s it for this article. Thanks for reading and I hope you got the gist!

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