3 Ways To Develop Character (That Builds Influence)

How do you know you have influence?

You know you have influence when people listen as you speak. When you’re able to change their behavior. When your words empower and inspire others.

This kind of influence is not built with money, position, or fame. It is built on character.

Here are 3 ways you can build the kind of character that can influence others.

1. Give the spotlight away

The idea we often have of building influence is becoming well-known and popular. (And yes, a lot of influencers are well-known and popular).

But if you want to build the kind of influence that multiplies even after you’re gone, you need to build the habit of giving the spotlight away.

You need to take the focus away from yourself and point it towards others.

Point it towards your team. Towards your customers. Towards your mentors. And forget about who gets the credit.

Be ever so eager to give the spotlight away.

2. Be the same person in private and in public

Here’s something for you to reflect on: What do you do in your quiet place? What do you do when no one is watching? Who are you when the people who look up to you can’t see you?

Because if you’re not the same person at home as you are in front of people, one day it will show. And it will be displayed before others under the bright lights.

That inconsistency will communicate to people that they can’t trust you. And without trust, it’s very difficult to build sustainable influence.

3. Pick up trash

Influence built on character involves service.

But don’t be confused. Serving and offerring a service are two very different things. As Simon Sinek once pointed out, only one of them is selfless.

If you want to inspire and empower others, you must never communicate that any task is beneath you… even picking up trash.

Now, I’m not suggesting you spend all your time taking on every single task. But I’m saying that if there are small opportunities for you to serve others, do it without hesitation.

Here’s the gist…

Sure, you can have influence by having money, position, and power. But when your money, and position, and power are gone, your influence will go, too.

In order to build influence that lasts, the kind that empowers and inspires, it has to be built on character.

Here are 3 ways you can do that:

  1. Give the spotlight away
  2. Be the same person in private and in public
  3. Pick up trash

Building character is difficult. But practice these things daily until they become habits.

And slowly, you will communicate better. Slowly, you will build influence. Slowly, you will empower and inspire.

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Thumbnail Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels

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